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Hello there, I'm Faysal Ahmed. I'm a professional Software developer working mostly on the web services. I'm whole heartedly a Javascript Fan. Enjoy building web apps using Node.js technologies.Currently working remotely as a full stack developer at Sendhelper.

While I'm mostly in backend development, I'm pretty much comfortable working with bootstrap and similar kind technologies. Now a days learning React Native and GraphQL to enhance my skillset. Recently I graduated from Udacity React Nanodegree program. Apart from coding, I'm also good at playing Table tennis & video game FIFA.

Latest Projects

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DailyWorks - Built for Teams

It's SAAS built for teams. It's the exact missing piece of slack. Ideal for software company. It has employee information, their analytics, Scrum information and so other features. And yes it has a full Slack integration which enables employees to fill their daily records right from the slack chat box. I have played the role of the System architect and also the lead developer

Meteor(1.3) Blaze Slack API Mongo SASS

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UrbanChefs - Food for busy professionals

The very first project ever done for a company. It's an on demand food delivery service across different towns of Dubai. Main role was to work on the backend system including real-time position of delivery boy, generating reports of daily orders, admin panel functionality and checkout service after placing an order

Meteor(1.2) Blaze Galaxy Mongo

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Other Projects

Simple Hotel Management System (SHMS) Open Source

An experimental Hotel Management System entirely built with Java and SQLite for the database The Project focuses mainly on Object Oriented Design Principles and uses db connector to talk with the database. Almost all the features required for a small offline based hotel management are implemented there.

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Computer Lab Management System (CLMS) Open Source

A Computer Laboratory Booking System built with Java(7). This project is a perfect demonstration as an academic projects. The whole project is built with File read/write. No database is used. As usual Object Oriented Principle is the main focus. Apart from this, it shows you how to manipulate raw data from file and filter down that into your projects.

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Work Experience

Software Engineer - Sendhelper (October 2017 - current)

Currently I'm working on sendjobs platform. Responsibility includes but not limited to backend development, creating React Native based Hybrid application, working with XMPP protocols

Software Engineer - Cramstack (January 2017 - September 2017)

Currently I have been assigned with different parts of the product development including code reviewer of React powered SPA,working on the natural language based curated SQL search, monitoring development progress via trello board, collaborating with different team members, taking part in the product architecture discussions etc.

Associate Software Engineer - Inovio Inc. (2015 - 2016)

This is where I scaled up my skills to a professional level. Before joining here, my knowledge was kind of scattered. I worked collaboratively with the front-end and backend team. Learnt some dev-ops skills also.

Part time Software Engineer - DOS ICT Solutions (2013 - Present)

Worked as a freelancer. Created windows phone apps, small scale Java desktop application, designed ER diagram and databases

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